Summary Edit

Developed by Dr Lucius oshky in 2553, the system was later adopted by the Temporal Investigations and Migrations Enforcment agency in 5228. The same classification would be adopted by several agencies and even some criminal orginizations.

Planets and other bodies Edit

  • Class M- Earth like enviroments, suitable for all life
  • Class B- rocky enviroments, suitable to some life
  • Class C- Argon rich enviroments, not suitable for most life
  • Class D- Dying or destroyed enviroments
  • Demon class- Enviroments not suitable for life

Galaxies Edit

  • Class S- perfect galaxies
  • Class G- suitable for galactic life
  • Class A-Developing Galaxies
  • Class F-Dying or dead galaxies

Universes Edit

  • Class Y-Habitable universes
  • Class O-perfect universes
  • Class X- Dying or dead universes