Alex marsh is the current owner and director of meanwile the movie the project.
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alex posing in 2012

Although he is fond of the project he often lacks energy and time to make or film most of the movies, however he has started to film more reguarly but has focused on writing the script for the movie 'pina or colada' and the script for NCIS: kent.


Born in 2000 makes him the youngest member of the meanwhile cast.

Meanwhile the movie

Alexs first directed movie was meanwhile the movie which was intended as a april fools but did not did not get posted until 24th of october 2014. Although not a comedy hit overnight it gained popularity with most of his of his friends. to this day it remains one of the most favoured piece Alex likes.

Alex filmed a christmas special and easter special of meanwhile the movie but felt it lacked originality and refused to do a webseries of meanwhile the movie. However in 2015 Alex said he would make a final meanwhile the movie with the help of both his friends and school friends. An announcement date for the movie is yet to be unveiled.

Meanwhile: battles


one of many designs for slade in MW:Battles

Meanwhile: battles was first announced 14th of november 2014 and said to be the first 'official' game based webseries with characters based on real life friends and characters from tv,movies and games.

A month later the first episode was released on 11th of december and straight away recieved positive remarks. Although the episodes were copyrighted to Alex and the project facebook took down episodes 1-4 due to copyright infringment and refused to allow the episodes back due to complications of the copyright.

Alex promised to remake episodes 1 to 4 when he has finished writing season two and filming NCIS: kent.

Meanwhile 2: rule of wilson

The first and only canceled film was set into production in december 2014 it was later cancled and scrapped due to financial diffulculties and time errors. Alex remarked:

"I feel like i failed to produce a conclusion to the ongoing webseries and vow not to cancel any other movie unless forced to by unforseen circumstances or kidnapped by aliens from mars"

Alex sold the script online to produce money and the script was sold for £10

NCIS: kent

The first webseries Alex has fully written and produce props, it is based on the NCIS franchise and is the only project that is tv like webseries that will be reviewed by a panel of random pepole.

The series is currently written and directed by Alex and luca and will premiere later in the year.

Pina or colada?

The sequel to meanwhile the movie and is a comedy drama based on the life of Alex marsh and his school

the movie is yet to be written or filmed and the actors yet to be announced.