Lord Alexander Falcone Wilson is the main villian in the meanwhile universe and meanwhile battles he is Alex's arch-nemisis.

Biography Edit

Alexander Falcone Wilson was born in 1650 to king Joeseph Wilson and Barbara Wilson.

In 1675 he is crowned king after his father was killed by an arrow to the knee and dies of bacterial infection. He fights sevral taticaly important battles before the battle of the last beacon where he kills Alex leader of the rebellion. but was knocked unconcious by james paxton (blakes great-great-great grandfather).

In 1679 Lord wilson is trapped in a block of ice and cryogenically frozen. 300 years later he is melted by a U.N.I.T and imprisoned by gerald marsh. Gerald later interogates wilson by injecting a lethal venom in him, wilson miracously survives and escapes the prison.

For the next 16 years wilson creates an army and sends them to infiltrate every known organization (including S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra) and begins to plan to destroy E.D.F. In 1997 wilson plants a bomb under a car intending to destroy E.D.F command. When gerald marsh found out the plot he broke into the car and drove it away unfourtantley the bomb exploded and killed gerald.

On june 8 2006 Lord wilson leads an army to destroy E.D.F command, despite resitance and reinforcments wilson destroyed command and E.D.F shut down. He joins the civil war on june 17 2006 but is injured 3 months in.

After a year of preparing Lord wilson and juggernaught destroy UNSC local command and take over the base and begin planning for a war. however on june 1st 2008 the secret invasion begins and Wilsons ranks are violated and he retaliates by destroying the base full of skrulls.

on 3 september 2011 Lord wilson attempts to capture a helicarrier but is swiftly captured by falcon, quicksilver and winter soldier (non-bucky barnes) and is tried for crimes against humanity. he is somehow bailed by a rich company known as A.I.M.