Summary Edit

Arcadia is the seventh planet in the artanian system, the planet was previously the home to the T.I.M.E agency headquarters. Arcadia is the current home planet for humanity after earth became uninhabitable.

Eco-system Edit

Arcadia is thick with tropical jungle's and warm ocean's, little carnivrous life exist on the planet with the exception of evolved pheru. average planet temprature is 70 celsius/158 faranheit and weather is usally humid with clear skie's

Population centre's Edit

Arcadia City
Arcadi is a massive mega city located in the southern hemisphere, the city's population is close to 70 million. The city is the only city on the planet with several outlying farming vilages, Arcadi runs on solar energy and zero point energy.

History Edit

5100 A.D-Arcadia is colonised Edit

After Earth's eco system is destroyed, Humanity moved to arcadia.It took humanity twenty years to reach Arcadia, though much of the human race was spread across the stars, the human remnant named it thier new homeworld. Arcadi was built as the capital, with the human goverment and military base's being built into the city.

5121 A.D-UNSC is refounded Edit

After the majority of the human race had arrived at Arcadia, the human military reformed into the United Nations Space command despite the United Nations having been disbanded for 41 year's. The UNSC would later build the nova science base which would later become the Temporal Investigation's and Migration's Enforcment agency head quarter's.