'The one good thing that the time agency did do right was Canterbury college, they left it alone from war, politics and other such ailments. Survivors of time war see the college as an old friend and in some cases are willing to die defending it' -Extract from the time war report by Idriana Yoq
Canterbury college is a British institute of learning acquired by the first iteration of the T.I.M.E Agency in 1947.

Since 1947, the college has been in service to the T.I.M.E agency with only a brief hiatus in service between 2000 to 2001.

History Edit

World war two and the aftermath Edit

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College assignment patch

In 1947 and after the conclusion of world war two, the British government at the time was fully aware of the T.I.M.E agency existence and was thankful of their assistance against the Nazi forces in Europe. The recently finished caught the attention of then director James Woder, who had requested a building for forward operations.

Director James Woder made Canterbury college the Headquarters of the earth branch T.I.M.E agency, Director Woder even went so far to make an assignment patch for the college.

The time war and brief closure Edit

Canterbury college did suffer during the time war with the Director Fryana Youpa, closing down most of the college using the cover story of 'refurbishments'.

the college would suffer from a terrorist attack as the main building would suffer a bio-chemical attack, luckily no students were harmed but many agents would die from the attack.

After the time war, Agent Marsh (As the last active agent) relinquishes control of Canterbury college back to the department of education. The college was closed as the civilian engineers could remove the agency technology safely and deemed the college 'too dangerous to untrained staff and students'.

Re-opening Edit

Agent Jax Beroban, who had faked his death during the time war and rebuilt the T.I.M.E agency into its third iteration, had managed to re-secure Canterbury college from the department of education under the condition that a Representative from the British government would serve as a liaison.

In 2005, Pris Quadra, a Anlarian diplomat to earth became the new director after Agent Beroban quote 'liked her bad attitude', since 2005 the agency's operation had become more secretive and agents double as teachers and other staff members.

Operation Edit

The college more or less acts as a normal education institute with a mix of both agency and civilian staff.

Students studying at Canterbury college are usually talent spotted by agents and either become on site staff or agents when they graduate from their course(s).