Luca deadlus was born jannuary 1994 to unamed parents

He has blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin.

In 2010 Alongside Alex and Blake he enlisted togeher and made up most of the 199th expeditionary force. They trained for two years before being called to action when New York was attacked by the alien race the Kree, However the Alex's squad was the first to respond and was the only the squad( out of the whole Expeditionary force) to survive the assualt by the Kree.Luca was offered a job at the Office of Naval Itelligence but refused and became a mercenary and developed paranoia.

In 2013 Alex came to luca with a contract to hunt down two terroists hired by Lord Wilson. Luca was joined by Alex to hunt down these terroists and succsefuly killed one of them and capturing another. Luca interogated the second terroist but to no avail, Alex calmly talked to the terroist and got no answers while the camera was on.Luca turned off the camera and no other detail was said. (A day at home *facebook)

on 2015 Luca was caught in a crossfire between S.H.I.E.L.D agents and Hydra agents and was knnocked into a coma lasting 2 years.

in 2017 luca signs with Icarus project as security chief and stays for 3 years until Alex invites him to the CALIBURN devision Luca refuses until 2023 where he joins and becomes Lead agent.

Future jones (2030-2045)

In 2030 Luca becomes a knight of the order in london and stays that way for 10 years, in 2040 the order asks Luca to re-join CALIBURN devision. He refuses at first but when Alex marsh goes missing on a scouting mission to 2014 Luca re-joins as director and does so until 2045 when the time war comes to a close and he names blake as the next director of CALIBURN.


Luca: (points gun) hello? Alex: (opens the door) still got that system? Luca: keeps the preachers away and i get free cookies. -A day at home

"reminds me of geneva except a lot less blood and more women" -A day at home

"dont make become violent...okay i may of shot your buddy but dont make me violent" -A day at home