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Meanwhile:Battles or MW:B is an ongoing project first thought up by Alex marsh and Alex wilson.

The series is loosley based on the soul calibur and Meanwhile universe's.


The year is 1645 and Alex marsh (rebel leader) is defending the castle from Lord Wilsons(loyalist leader) forces (EP1,Facebk) however Marsh fails to do this and asks captain levi to dispose of super soldiers created by wilson. while Levi manged to infiltrate the complex holding the soldiers he is quickly discovered  by Aaron (loyalist), they duel but Levi wins and he destroys the soldiers.[EP2, Facebk]

2 months later at the spanish war academy Dwight (rebels) is attacked by Slade (???) but Dwight quickly knocks Slade out and travels to England[EP3,facebk]. A flashback triggered by unkown circumstances show two people fighting one named gabriel(light troop) and Trigon (dark army leader) 37,000 years ago although gabriel show much strength he does not manage to deafeat Trigon.[EP4,facebk]

Meanwhile in England Chris (Rebels leads a charge against a enemy fortress defended by a figure only known as HORSE!? (who bloody knows) the battle is shorter than expected and chris wins[EP5,facebk].In berlin wilson countinues his path of destruction but in the heat of the battle gabriel appears and attacks wilson despite a fierce battle wilson wins by stunning him and stabbing him.[EP6,facebk]

Alex decides that an all or nothing assault will be made on lord Wilsons fortress. He instructs his commanders Luca and Blake (both rebels) to use the rebel army to distract Wilson forces while a smaller army goes and infiltrates the fortress.Just as the battle begins newcomer gemni (soul calibur) joins the fight with her own army and they all engage the enemy[EP7,facebk]. Alex manages to get to wilson and they duel, Alex deafets wilson but gets seriously injured in the process[EP8,facebk]. As it turns out wislon transforms into corruption (dark army) luckliy for marsh his sword turns into soul calibur and they duel but Marsh wins and faints.[EP9,facebk]


Alex vs Wilson=Wilson wins                                    

Levi vs Aaron= Levi wins

Slade vs Dwight= Dwight wins

Gabriel vs Trigon=Trigon wins

Chris vs HORSE!?= Chris wins

Episode 7, we fly to war battle

Blake vs Red x= Blake wins

Luca vs George= Luca wins

Gemni (SC) vs Aaron= Aaron wins

Episode 8-9

Alex vs Wilson= Alex wins

Alex vs corruption= Alex wins

total scores=

Rebels= 7 wins and 3 losses

Loyalists and other= 3 wins and 7 losses



Alex marsh (leader)



Alex wilson (leader)

Aaron,Red x, george.

Dark army

Trigon (Leader)

Slade, HORSE!?

Light army


Special guests

Survey core

Captain Levi Ackerman

Unanswered Questions

1.Who does Gabriel serve?

2.Why did Dwight go to England?

3.Why was Trigon battle at the Last Beacon?