MEANWHILE 2: rule of wilson Edit

This movie is cancelled. Edit

Plot summary Edit

The movie starts with a battle at the last beacon and shows two armys fighting each other. two of the leaders, wilson and marsh briefly duel but marsh is killed and wilson is kocked out.Then the shot is jumped to 2013 to show two men,one Alex marsh and the other is blake deadlus digging for 'excalibur'. Then blake recieves a phone call from wilson claiming he is back, blakes starts to run with Alex giving chase while asking questions with Blake refusing to answer.The duo find a tv broadcasting news describing the event of wilsons escape from prison.

Alex realizing that he cant do this alone he phones EDF commander raxe harsm (also played by marsh) and they make contingency plans.Meanwhile Wilson claims to have one of is ten chaos emerald's which he can harness the power of and with each new emerald comes a new power with it (E.G red for strength)