'While we are not a military organization, we have to keep order and some form of authority' -Director James Woder

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Captain Marsh with his Atlantean star

The T.I.M.E agency, like other rank based organizations, use ranks to create a hierarchy in order to keep a sense of order.

In some divisions, the same ranks can be more powerful than that of the other ranks. E.G Medical captain outranks a command captain.

Ranks Edit

Standard ranks Edit


(From LtoR) Cadet, Junior Agent, Agent, Captain, operations commander (Team Leader)

Using command color as an example:

Cadet- A young agent that hasn't passed their final weapons and pilot exams, in emergency situations, cadets can command trainee's if need.

Junior Agent-Agents who haven't passed their diplomatic license or license to kill.

Agent- An agent who has completed all pieces of training.

Captain- An agent who have completed 15 years of successful service, promoted or completed the basic advanced command exams (Command only)

Operations command-A captain or agent who has been deemed worthy or experienced enough to lead of team, regardless of division.

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The Atlantean star in pin form

The Atlantean star (Command Only) Edit

During the last great time war, Certain command agents were awarded the Atlantean star. This allows the agent/ captain to command any troops in any army, regardless rank.

The Atlantean star was made from Lantean amber, found at the bottom on Oceanum ocean floor. The amber was highly resistant to damage and was highly conductive of all energy, making it a useful tool and a dangerous weapon.

The last known surviving Atlantean star belongs to captain Alex Marsh, being the last Atlantean star, Current Director Pris Quadra, has allowed this specialized rank to continue service despite its infamous origins in the last great time war.

Assignments Edit

Canterbury college assignment patch

Assignments were either in agency buildings or other establishments, they are assigned a assignment patch and a optional blue jumpsuit with division color piping around the shoulders. the assignment patch would go on the left arm with division patch on the right.