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Stargates are two way teleportation devices that were planted across various galaxies by the transcendent race known as the ancients. though each galaxy has there own variation of the stargate, each serve a basic function with some stargates being either superior or inferior to each other.

known variations (in age order) Edit

First-Generation stargates (proto-type) Edit

Dead On by AlxShipyards

The oldest and least advanced of the four genrations of stargate, this stargate was the prototype and basis of the stargate construction. This generations of stargate is smaller than it decendants and had one of the darkest colour schemes with a black ring with white chevrons and glyphs would light up white when selected.

Unlike the other generations of stargates, the 'destiny' stargates do not have a naqahdah coating which made them significantly weaker than the other stargate versions, this was clear when a single energy pulse destroyed a part of the ring which made unusable.

This stargate version does not have a sort of Dial Home Device (DHD) due to the fact ancients had ships like destiny kept the wormhole open or away parties had a Pad that could activate the stargate if a destiny class ship was near by.

Second-Genration stargates (Milky way galaxy) Edit

The first type of stargate encountered by Humanity, the second generation of stargates was slightly more advanced than its first generation. Second generation gates were slightly bigger than First generation and had a slightly rustic colour scheme with an grey ring with orange chevrons and carved in glyphs.

This generation of stargates were reinforced with naqahadah and unknown metal which allowed for energy pulse's to be absorbed and main dialing systems to still be intact, all stargates in the milky way had an operating Dial Home Device (DHD) with star symbols marked as seen from the appropriate location.

Second Generation Stargates could retrofitted to have stabilisers for sub-orbital and space flight.In the late 4100's,the time agency Refitted the Stargate for capability to time travel however the gates would later be replaced by vortex manipulators.

Third Generation Stargates (Pegasus galaxy)