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Team 7 (Kent branch)

Team 7 was the first ever time agency branch to be set up in the British isle's,Team 7 is currently the second oldest branch (just being beaten by Team 21,America) and is one of two surviving teams in England.

To this date a total of 16 agents have employed since 1956 making team 7 the best expanding team.

Intial years (1965-1970)Edit

In 1965 Alex marsh,trip duckers and jack donnels set up team 7 with funding from the time agency.the team were only assigned cleanup and Intel missions until 1966 were they are assigned to their first combat mission and succeeded which followed the employment of Quebec wilson and led the team to gain the reputation.

In 1968 the team was put into standby after negotiations with the daleks was very delicate and forced the team to prepare for the worse, however jack donnels felt that a war was coming and ordered an armoury to be built(precursor to the time armoury).bethany and daisy vernan joined team 7 in 1962. team 7 received the bad news on the 8th of January 1970

The last great time war (1970-1999,Earth real time)Edit

After the announcement of the time war, team 7 and team 15 merged with jack donnels as team leader for both branches. Team 7 fought its first major battle in 1972 on mariposa and won but team 15 was completely wiped out, team 7 later upgraded it's main building and injected some Galifreyan coral allowing the building to grow.

3rd of september 1975, the battle of adonis forces team 7 to defend the human colony on that planet. though won by team 7, Team 15 had been destroyed. it's unclear what happend between 1976 through to 1998 but on the 31st of december, 1999. The time war ended with agent Alex Marsh being the only team member of Team 7 to survive.

Tempoary Disbandantion (2000-2002) Edit

Alex Marsh tempoarily disband Team 7 but comes back after two years.

New Team,Going into the Shadows (2002-Present) Edit