Summary Edit

Tempus station was the primary T.I.M.E agency HQ which was built in the year 4183. The station was temporally transcendental, meaning that it was outside of any timeline and did not apply to the normal rules of universe or time travel.

The station was destroyed in the year 5085 after the last great time war ended.

Technical information Edit

The station was built by the Afrax corporation and West tech in the 41st century, The station was built in extra-galactic space inside a time bubble. The station's defensive capabilties were two massive Type-98 station grade shield generators which was powered by a micro-blackhole, the stations artifical gravity is natraully occuring thanks to gravity fields created by the micro blackhole and subspace distortion's.

Tempus station's offensive capabilties consist of 120 type XI phaser arrays and 200 modified M71 Anti-Aircraft guns, The station armoury mainly consist of energy weapons and confiscated rifles though energy weapons were rarely used as convential projecctile and balistic were used.

The four docking arms have two functions, the external hull has several docking rings and ports for commercial and agency traffic.The internal hull contains 1 large shipyard and two smaller shipyards, for the purpose of building and repairing ships. Tempus station could be commisoned to make starships of any kind, thanks to adaptable shipyards.

The station is is 22,000ft high and 10,500ft across, it's hull is comprised of trellium-D and high grade tritanium. The hull is layered with armor made of a tungsten-diamond blend which protected the station from most weaponry.

Housing and commercial entities Edit

"This station was built to help defend the multi-verse, not to decide what you want for dinner or to buy a new shirt..."-Director Rais polkan, promenade (4281)

The upper hexagon was built in 4232 to accommodate civilian personnel on the station, almost 25,000 apartments exist with 25% of the apartments being allocated to agency personnel. The upper hexagon also has a commercial promenade with various shops and restaurants, the agency gains a 20% cut of all profit produced by the commercial entites on the station.