The meanwhile consists of two time lines. Edit

Legends timeline Edit

"I remember universe S-629, filled with stars and lush planet's. On the final day of the time war, i saw it burn. within minutes it was consumed"-Alex Marsh, UN confrence (2011)

The legends timeline is a deleted timeline that existed before the time war, the legends title is becasue many universe's and galaxies do not exist in the current timeline. The legends timeline cannot be reclaimed as temporal fractures stopped any chance of the legends timeline from returning.

Post war Timeline Edit

"After i returned, i warped to promethian nebula to see if the twin galaxies were there....only one remained with other being nothing but a cloud of dust"-Jane powers, UN confrence (2011)

The post war timeline is the current timeline which the meanwhile universe inhabit's, the post war timeline has many universe's and galaxies missing form as the result of the moment firing. This timeline is much emptier that the legends timeline, most of the population of the survivng timeline has been erased from history.

Legacy Edit

  • Alex Marsh, team 7 leader was originally from the legends timeline however due to his survival from the time war, Alex has stated many times how the legends timeline could not be returned as temporal fractures prevent it from anchoring.
  • Jane powers and the remainder of team 21 survived the time war, they had gained temporal imunity. this allowed them to survive the deletion of the legends timeline.
  • It's unclear if the legends timeline could come back but it's assumed it can't.